All applicants for admission to the State Bar of California need to affirmatively demonstrate good moral character. The moral character determination process conducted by the State Bar’s Office of Admissions takes from six to nine months. It is a good idea to submit the application in the beginning of an applicant’s last year of law school.

In most cases, especially for applicants who have little work history or life experience prior to law school, the process is simple, just time consuming. But it is critical that applicants are completely candid and comprehensive on the moral character application. Applicants with a history of criminal charges or even civil lawsuits and judgments need to take care to catalog all of their litigation history on the moral character application.

If an applicant expects to need to explain some past youthful misadventures, academic sanctions or the like, it makes sense to have an experienced professional review the application and give you the best opportunity to position yourself for admission to the State Bar.

For a flat fee, Erin will work with you to ensure the moral character application and any addenda are complete and framed to highlight your qualifications for admission.

Sometimes Admissions will have additional questions, and want further documentation. Erin will help you provide written responses to follow up letters from Admissions as part of the same flat fee.

On occasion, the Committee will want to meet for an Informal Conference to pose questions to the Applicant. Depending on the questions raised by the Committee to the application, it may be wise to suggest an Informal Conference. It is vitally important to be properly prepared for the Informal Conference. Having an experienced State Bar prosecutor at your side will help you sail through the Informal Conference on your way to admission. Erin will handle the Informal Conference (and the necessary preparation) for a separate flat fee.

An adverse moral character determination can spell the end of your legal career even before it begins. You only have 60 days to challenge an adverse moral character determination by initiating proceedings in State Bar Court. The best route is to quell any fears of the Committee prior to getting an adverse moral character determination. To make sure you are doing it right, contact Erin today.




(15 minute to 30 minutes, depending on the facts)



When you get a letter from the State Bar, don’t go it alone! You need competent, experienced counsel to respond to the State Bar at every stage. Your license is at risk, so ensure you have the best representation from a former State Bar prosecutor before sending any response to an investigator or responding to formal charges leveled by the State Bar. You cannot make an informed decision without good advice. Call Erin now.

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