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Women in trial travel summit 2024 – Conrad Punta Mita Mexico

April 3 – 7, 2024
Conrad Punta Mita, Mexico

This conference for women lawyers mixes legal education with travel to beautiful Punta de Mita, Mexico.

Attend the 2nd Annual Women in Trial Travel Summit (WITTS), held at the beautiful Conrad resort in Punta Mita, Mexico. WITTS is hosted by Lauren Wood, a trial attorney at Omega Law Group in Beverly Hills and the owner of Travel is the Cure, a travel blog and company that hosts group trips and MCLE events. This attorney conference mixes legal education with exciting travel destinations. WITTS is an event where you’ll bond with like-minded women, experience the culture in a new locale, network with vendors and other trial lawyers, and enjoy some much needed fun in the sun, away from the office. There will be MCLE* classes in the mornings, with optional excursions in the afternoons.

The first ever WITTS was held from April 1st through April 4th, 2022. There were five hosted events, including a welcome cocktail reception, lunch with keynote speaker, poolside cocktail hour with live mariachi music, dinner with a live Cuban band and beachside farewell brunch and champagne toast.

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*A CLE application will be filed in the State of California.  Once determination is received from California’s MCLE Board, all registered attorneys will be notified via email. Consult with the MCLE board in your state to determine eligibility.

Erin is a former 18 year State Bar prosecutor now focusing on ethics consultations for small and mid-sized firms and State Bar defense.

Lecturer Bio

Erin Joyce, Esq.

Erin Joyce has extensive experience in State Bar investigations and disciplinary proceedings, plus over twenty five years of civil litigation practice.

Erin was admitted in 1990 and practiced for nearly eight years in an intellectual property boutique before joining the Office of Chief Trial Counsel as a prosecutor for the State Bar, from 1997 through 2016. Erin has almost twenty years of experience handling all aspects of discipline cases against attorneys in State Bar Court, from the filing of the complaint through trial and review. She has personally tried dozens of State Bar trials and several appeals. She has a comprehensive understanding of how State Bar investigations and proceedings unfold. Moreover, she has been involved in licensing matters for other professionals, such as EMTs and paramedics.

Before going into private practice, Erin served as Chief Special Investigator for the Los Angeles Fire Department, as a prosecutor for the State Bar of California, and as a lawyer for multiple private practices.

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Ethics/reinstatement My husband was a lawyer who referred cases to a law firm which gave him referral fees. I was a lawyer as well but I became inactive several years ago, When my husband passed away, there were many remaining cases that he had referred but had not been settled. The firm said I could receive a portion of those fees but only if I was reinstated as a lawyer. Their theory was that you cannot pay referral fees to a non-lawyer, which is usually the rule. I called Erin Joyce who immediately said those fees were an asset of his estate and that I did not need to be reinstated. She wrote me a comprehensive legal memo to that effect which I presented to the firm. I received the fees (they insisted on a lesser rate) without being reinstated. Erin Joyce and her firm were thorough and communicated with me to be sure they had a full understanding of the facts. They were extremely helpful in tho comprehensive legal memo they sent to me so that I received what was rightfully mine, I highly recommend her firm to anyone with similar issues.
Amazing Advocate Erin Joyce is an amazing lawyer and advocate. Every attorney and legal professional on her team are highly skilled at their jobs. I felt truly heard and my case was handled better than I could have imagined. I highly recommend the Erin Joyce Firm!
Representation I thought Erin and her team were knowledgeable, supportive, efficient and ethical.
Having to deal with the State Bar and its policies can be a nightmare. Having Erin and her team on your side can give you some peace of mind. Hiring Erin's office is money well spent.



When you get a letter from the State Bar, don’t go it alone! You need competent, experienced counsel to respond to the State Bar at every stage. Your license is at risk, so ensure you have the best representation from a former State Bar prosecutor before sending any response to an investigator or responding to formal charges leveled by the State Bar. You cannot make an informed decision without good advice. Call Erin now.

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