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  • This is the attorney you want. The reasons I chose Erin for to represent me in my moral character determination is because of her positive attitude, aggressive strategy in advocating on your behalf, and great knowledge of the field. She will get you where you need to go, and will make time for your concerns and questions. 10/10.

    Ryan Davidson Avatar
    Ryan Davidson

    If you need help with state bar issues on any matter, I would highly recommend working with Ms. Joyce. She gives you insights into the process that you would never be able to discover on your own. Her ideas are brilliant and exactly on point. I would give more than 5 stars if i could. She is hardworking, reliable and the most professional and knowledgeable in the field.

    Rona Ram Avatar
    Rona Ram

    Attorney Erin Joyce has been instrumental in helping resolve matters relating to the state bar. She gives you advice that only experienced attorneys can possibly provide and is very thorough in her assistance to fully resolve matters. I would highly recommend her for any such issue.

    Greer carlisle Avatar
    Greer carlisle

    A former State Bar prosecutor, Erin brings a wealth of knowledge in legal ethics and professional responsibility. She's also responsive, smart, and kind. I would highly recommend Erin to any attorneys with ethics and professional responsibility questions.

    Xinlin Li Morrow Avatar
    Xinlin Li Morrow

    What a fantastic attorney with incredible depth of knowledge. She took my call and gave me some amazing advice that other attorneys had not even thought of considering. No doubt, her knowledge, experience, and ability to see different moving parts is what sets her apart. I highly recommend Erin Joyce!

    AB 3 Avatar
    AB 3

    Difficult and urgent election issue resolved successfully While running for judicial office, a LA County Deputy District Attorney working in the same office as my political opponent filed a meritless claim to derail my candidacy. Erin resolved it swiftly, accurately, and in _great_ detail using my feedback, but improving it significantly. I felt in good, professional hands right away, but elections are exceptionally tricky and finicky, especially for judges. Erin handled the very difficult situation which presented some issues of first impression so well that the California state department found in my favor within hours of receiving Erin's request.Enough said, but know this: you will simply not find a better attorney in California for these types of issues. Erin is clearly the best there is. She is also billing very transparently and fairly, which I appreciated in times of distress. Myanna Dellinger

    Myanna Avatar

    Excellent Attorney I recently consulted Erin on a fairly tricky ethical issue despite having never met her before. Erin responded to my email within 15 minutes with an extremely thorough and clear answer. I have no doubt that I will consult with her again the next time I run into an ethical issue. I highly recommend Erin!

    Ryan Avatar

    She's the helpful hotline for questions with State Bar issues. She knows everything about what to put in your retainer and how to properly/ethically advertise.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Knowledgeable and prompt I consulted with attorney Erin. Regarding an ethical issue that I was dealing with. She helped me promptly. She is extremely knowledgable in the area of ethics and professional responsibility. She helped me understand the steps I needed to take. I felt reassured that my legal concern was taken care with her guidance.

    Angela Avatar

    Consultation Review Ms. Joyce was very gracious with her time during our consultation and answered all of my questions with sharp detail. I would recommend her to anyone who is a law student seeking assistance with their moral character application to the State Bar.

    anonymous Avatar

    Brilliant Advocate Erin is a brilliant advocate. Her experience coupled with her fierce intelligence make her a phenomenal attorney. Consider yourself blessed if you are lucky enough to have her on your side. She is truly a godsend.

    Tina Avatar

    Erin should be on every attorney's contact list. A wealth of information on all things ethics related.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client
  • Erin Joyce is one of the most knowledgeable and capable attorneys I have ever met. She gives 110%, knows her way around the State Bar, and is a credit to her profession.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    With 18 years of experience as a former Bar prosecutor, Erin Joyce has unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge regarding all issues related to professional liability. At the same time, Erin has been extremely generous with her time to consult with other attorneys regarding performing ethical obligations in order to avoid any liability issues. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and gracious in providing assistance. Can't ask for more!

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Very experienced, ethical, and great interpersonal skills

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Erin is the ultimate expert in her field -- with extensive experience working at the State Bar, she has the insider depth of knowledge to perform with excellence for her clients. If I ever needed help (and hopefully never!), Erin would be my very first choice.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Erin has a brilliant legal mind. However, more importantly, she is willing to share her vast experience in the area of professional responsibility to assist lawyers, clients and the profession in general.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Erin is the consummate professional, always willing to help and counsel other attorneys, is confident and brings to bear 19 strong years of experience as a former state bar prosecutor.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Erin Joyce is a brilliant and knowledgeable lawyer, and never hesitates to answer the phone to give advice to a colleague. She is a business and community leader, organizing networking meetings, MCLE workshops and smaller gatherings to keep lawyers engaged, connected and improving in their areas of practice.

    Martindale Client Avatar
    Martindale Client

    Top Notch Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Counsel I am an attorney who found myself in a sticky situation which, if I didn't resolve correctly could lead to significant liability. I reached out to Erin because she was a former State Bar prosecutor and asked her if she would give me an ethics opinion. She was very responsive, analytical and extremely helpful advising me on how to successfully navigate out of the situation with her opinion to support my course. I would highly recommend Ms. Joyce for any ethics needs, or any consumer analyzing legal malpractice against a lawyer or law firm. She's the consummate professional.

    Zein Avatar
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