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If you are an attorney, a doctor, or any other highly trained professional, you have built your profession by obtaining your license. You devoted countless hours and resources to complete your degree. You studied to pass the most difficult Bar exam in the country. Your license is invaluable. So is your reputation. You can’t work in your profession without protecting both.

When your license is on the line, call Erin, who spent over 18 years as a State Bar prosecutor. She has the experience you need to guide you through the sometimes Byzantine State Bar investigation process. Erin has experience in licensing matters involving attorneys, doctors, EMTs and paramedics.

Don’t make the mistake of responding to the State Bar (or any investigating agency) on your own. Too many times, professionals create more problems with their responses than they faced at the outset. With almost 30 years of experience, Erin Joyce has helped professionals throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and Southern California avoid arbitrary and inequitable sanctions, keep their licenses and reestablish their careers through the reinstatement process.

California State Bar Defense

Don’t take the chance of responding on your own to a letter from the State Bar. It is important to ensure you provide enough information and documentation to comply with the requirement to cooperate in the State Bar’s investigation, but not too much.

If the State Bar has issued a notice of intent to file changes, you only have a limited amount of time to seek an Early Neutral Evaluation. And if formal charges in the form of a Notice of Disciplinary Charges have been filed, you need a seasoned professional to navigate the specialized rules and procedures governing State Bar proceedings.

If you recently received an inquiry letter or a Notice of Disciplinary Charges from the California State Bar, count on Erin Joyce to help you handle investigations and contest unsupported charges.

With 18 years as a State Bar prosecutor, Erin knows the California State Bar’s:

  1. Investigation methods and procedures
  2. Respondent attorneys’ rights during the investigation
  3. The Rules of Practice before the State Bar Court
  4. Standards for Disciplinary Sanctions
  5. Procedures for determination of good moral character and admissions
  6. Reinstatement policies

Erin is here to help you avoid excessive discipline and keep your license to practice law. Where the charges of the State Bar are unfounded, she will assist you in the proceedings before the State Bar Court to exonerate you and save your professional reputation. Do not try to navigate the specialized arena of State Bar practice by yourself.

Professional License Defense

You have invested many years of schooling, training and resources to obtain your professional license. You need your license to practice your career. When it counts, make sure to consult expert legal advice to protect your license, and the life style your profession has afforded you. Call Erin today when your license is in jeopardy.

Erin Joyce represents licensed professionals, including:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Doctors
  3. Paramedics
  4. EMTs
  5. Dentists
  6. Nurses
  7. Insurance professionals
  8. Real estate professionals

Erin has an extensive background and knows how licensing boards in these industries conduct investigations and impose discipline. She can help you navigate your case.

Erin handles cases involving:

  1. Substance abuse
  2. Professional misconduct
  3. Professionals with criminal convictions
  4. Discipline investigations
  5. Moral character assessments

No matter what charges you face, you deserve an experienced attorney who can explain the complicated disciplinary process. You need to understand your rights so you can make an informed decision of how to proceed and protect your professional future.



When you get a letter from the State Bar, don’t go it alone! You need competent, experienced counsel to respond to the State Bar at every stage. Your license is at risk, so ensure you have the best representation from a former State Bar prosecutor before sending any response to an investigator or responding to formal charges leveled by the State Bar. You cannot make an informed decision without good advice. Call Erin now.

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