Options for Regulatory Reforms to Promote Access to Justice.

By Angela Marlaud| Posted: Aug, 2019
Source: http://www.calbar.ca.gov

Everyone should take a look at this flowchart from the State Bar which “explains” the recommendations of the Task Force on Expanding non-attorney involvement in the practice of law.  The State Bar is actively advocating authorizing non-attorneys to provide traditional legal services to clients and to allow non-attorneys to own law firms.  These proposals, disguised as an effort to expand access to justice, are not the way to ensure the poor and middle class receive quality legal services.  There are some states which mandate pro bono and low bono services to provide services to underserved communities. The public hearings are coming up on these proposals.  The profession is at a crossroads, and California attorneys should make their  voices heard on what direction we are all going to take.



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